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School Safety at Manor ISD

Hello Manor ISD parents,

A recent incident and some factually incorrect new reports have brought school safety to top of mind for many of our families. We wanted to tell you about the proactive measure Manor ISD administrators have taken this school year to prepare students and staff in the event of any emergency.

Attached is the Manor ISD Standard Response Protocol, or SRP, regarding student safety. It discusses what teachers and students should do in the case of a lockdown, lockout, evacuation, or shelter situation. Teachers and administrators are trained in the SRP at the beginning of the school year, and students received it as part of their first-day packets. We encourage parents to go over the SRP with their student to ensure the student understands the document and instructions. Also in your student’s first-day packet is their reunification card. This card is to be used by a parent to find their student in the event of a school-wide evacuation. Please ensure you have this card in a safe, accessible location.

Also, it’s important for students to know that if they hear of anyone mentioning a weapon or harming someone that they immediately notify a teacher, principal, and/or school resource officer. Manor ISD students are our eyes and ears and campus, we we need their support as well.

Manor ISD teachers will be discussing the above with students this week. It’s also important for parents to talk about these important safety precautions to ensure students completely understands. We appreciate you working with us to make Manor ISD campuses safe, productive places to learn.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your campus administrator, or e-mail

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