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NEHS » What's Happening in NEHS?

What's Happening in NEHS?

September 11, 2018 Minutes:          
1.  Blue and the gray shirts were voted on 
2,  Leadership in training at Lagos Oct 16                             
3. We are going to Camp Double Creek
    Friday, November 9th - 10 dollar admission fee                      
4. IDEAS FOR FALL FESTIVAL:  tattoos or face paint ,donut challenge, hot potato , Karaoke, Guess how many are in the jar
5.  Community Service Ideas:
crayon for kids, candy grams (donate christmas and Valentine candy), Pie in the Face, Halloween Goes Healthy
6.  Office Helper/Eagle Buck Store
7. Change meeting time to [3:00 to 4:15]
Next meeting is Sept. 25th  We will be joined with Student Council
September 25th Minutes:
Old Business:
NEHS T-shirts
* Order needs to be in before we go on Fall break
* Shirt Prices - $12.00
Camp Double Creek 
* 11/9/18
* $10.00 admission fee
* Parent permission slips
* only one teacher/school business leave
Leadership Conference
* at Lagos Elementary 10/16/18
* grade 4-8
* Parent Permission Slips
DoJo for Parents
* If you ave already gotten parents to sign up get an Eagle Buck
Fall Festival
* October 24, 2018
* Activity:  Donut Challenge/Guess How Many in the Jar
Spring Fling - we were not on the list
Service Projects
Safety Patrol/Pledgers
* Sign up for the whole week
Office helpers/Eagle Buck Store Workers
* Sign for day you go to library for CAMP
Monthly NEHS meeting with Ms. Failey
* Officers only
* Next Meeting - October 16th
Pictures from May Induction?
Here you will find our minutes for NEHS Meetings.